Karnataka is one of the largest South Indian states present in the southwestern part of India. The state was formed on November 1, 1956, as a Mysore state. Later, the name was changed to Karnataka. The capital and the largest city of Karnataka is Bangalore. Karnataka has a total count of 31 districts. The official language of the state is Kannada, and few other regional languages are Tulu and Kodava.

By area, the state ranks sixth in India, with a total area of 1,91,791 per square kilometer. Moreover, the state ranks eighth in population and has a total population count of 61 million. The literacy percentage of the state is 75.36.

Karnataka shares its border with Andhra Pradesh in the East, the Arabian Sea in the West, Maharashtra in the North, Goa in North West, Telangana in North-East, Tamil Nadu in South East, and Kerala in the south. Moreover, it is the only state to share its border with all other South Indian states.

The name Kannada was derived from the oldest name Karu Nadu which means region rich with black soil. In economy, Karnataka ranks fourth and ranks nineteenth in Human Development Index.

Kannada comes under the southern Pincode zone, and the starting first digit pin is 5. Moreover, the starting Pincode prefix is 56 to 59. The state has a total number of 9682 post offices. Furthermore, Karnataka has 58 head post offices and 1123 sub-offices.

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