Kerala is an Indian state present on the Malabar coast of India. The state was formed in the year November 1, 1956. The capital of Kerala is Thiruvananthapuram. The official languages are Malayalam and English. About 14 districts are present in Kerala.

By area, Kerala ranks 21st in India, with a total area of 38,863 square kilometers. In terms of population, Kerala ranks 13 in India, with a total population of 35 million. Moreover, the population density is 920 per square kilometer.

Kerala shares its border with Tamilnadu in the east and South, Karnataka in the north and northeast, Lakshadweep in the West. Many kings have ruled the state and the first Kingdom to rule Kerala is the Chera dynasty. The state has the lowest positive population growth and ranks highest on Human Development Index. Kerala has the highest literacy rate in India, with a total percentage of 96.2.

In terms of economy, Kerala ranks eighth with a Gross Domestic Product of 120 billion US dollars. Kerala has a total number of 5058 post offices. Furthermore, the state has about 51 head post offices and 1059 sub-post offices.

Kerala comes under the Southern postal zone, and the starting first digit of the pin is six. Moreover, the starting pin code prefix for Kerala is from 67 to 69.

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